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Sarah Michael, DO, MS is an assistant professor of emergency medicine who joined the University of Colorado in 2017 after completing a fellowship in medical education scholarship at Brown University. Her academic interests are centered around curriculum development with an emphasis on integration of novel technologies in the education space. She serves as the assistant medical director of the Work, Education and Lifelong Learning Simulation (WELLS) Center at UCHealth, where her work focuses on applications of virtual, augmented, and mixed realities for medical education, and as the director of the Department of Emergency Medicine’s Program for Innovation in Clinical Education, a faculty development program that emphasizes clinical teaching skills.


Jessica Hitt-Laustsen, MS is the Education Manager for the University of Colorado Department of Emergency Medicine with expertise in Higher Education Management, Curriculum/Instructional Design, Educational Assessment, Educational Technology, Global Health, and Business Process Improvement. In the past ten years, she has focused on educational excellence within the healthcare and wellness industry. Her current work is focused on the development and implementation of progressive instructional techniques, curriculum mapping and design, as well as improvement processes, strategies, and establishing successful work processes to ensure the delivery and integration of curriculum. Ms. Hitt-Laustsen has a Master of Science in Business Management from Colorado State University with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership and Instructional Design. She is an active member of the Instructional Design Roundtable and the system-wide Open Educational Resources (OER) Committee at the University of Colorado.


John Kendall, MD, FACEP is a Professor of Emergency Medicine and Vice Chair of Education in the Emergency Department at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, the Director of Emergency Ultrasound at Denver Health Medical Center, and the Director of Ultrasound Curriculum for the University of Colorado School of Medicine.  Dr. Kendall has been a full time faculty for the Denver Health Residency in Emergency since 1996.  His area of academic focus is point-of-care ultrasound, which began when he helped develop and implement the ultrasound curriculum at the University of Southern California Emergency Medicine program during his residency training.  In 1996, he was hired as the Director of Emergency Ultrasound and in 2005 he started and became the Director for the Ultrasound Fellowship at Denver Health Medical Center.  Dr. Kendall has authored over 50 peer-reviewed publications and a number of scholarly publications including the CD-ROM, "Ultrasound in Emergency Medicine and Trauma", and two textbooks; "Practical Guide to Emergency Ultrasound" and “Case Studies in Pediatric Emergency and Critical Care Ultrasound”.  Dr. Kendall is a former Chair of the ACEP Ultrasound Section and one of the ACEP representatives for the Clinical Ultrasound Task Force.  In addition to serving ACEP, Dr. Kendall has participated in a number of activities through the ABEM including item writing (2007-2018), multiple-choice advisory panel (2011), oral standard setting advisory panel (2015), oral examiner (2013-present), senior case reviewer (2015-present), oral case development committee (2017-present), and the modified singles advisory panel (2017-present).

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