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One of the greatest ways emergency providers can positively impact patient care is to instill knowledge, skills, and professionalism in the generations of providers who follow in their footsteps. The Program for Innovation in Clinical Education (PINNACLE) gives emergency medicine faculty the resources they need to meet this challenge.

We deliver comprehensive, evidence based clinical teaching content at regular intervals throughout the year. Our curriculum has been shown to improve learner satisfaction with faculty teaching performance year after year since its inception. Our content, frequency, and delivery mechanisms have been tailored to meet the needs of University of Colorado Emergency Medicine faculty at University of Colorado Hospital, Denver Health Medical Center, and St. Joseph Hospital. If you work at one of these sites, you may enroll at any time by clicking here.

For faculty and faculty developers who work elsewhere, we'd love to get to know you! Our team of education scientists has years of experience delivering relevant, just-in-time clinical teaching content directly to faculty using web-based, email, and SMS platforms. We'd love to share our experiences and explore opportunities for collaboration.  Our web-based resources are available to all, regardless of enrollment in other programs.​

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Sarah Michael, DO, MS directs multiple education-related projects for the University of Colorado Department of Emergency Medicine including the Program for Innovation in Clinical

Education and Fellowship in Medical Education Science. Her scholarship and research interests include curriculum development, faculty development EM Milestones, and diversity, equity, and inclusion training for EM residents. 

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John Kendall, MD is a Professor of Emergency Medicine and Vice Chair of Education in the Emergency Department at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, the Director of

Emergency Ultrasound at Denver Health Medical Center, and the Director of Ultrasound Curriculum for the University of Colorado School of Medicine. 

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